About Me

Hi! My name is Victoria French, and I am a blogger, language learner and traveler – oh, and I am also a military spouse! My husband and I live in Italy, and through this blog I want to show what being a part of this military community is like, while also diving into my experiences adapting to a new culture and learning to be married all at once.

A little about my life:

My husband and I met when we were sixteen, and we have been together ever since. Once we graduated, Micah (my husband) got his AA and then enlisted in the Air Force, and I finished my senior year of high school and enrolled at the University of Florida as a first-generation college student. From there, we got engaged when I went to visit him at his first duty station in South Korea during my summer break from school, and we got married in December 2019. Our relationship was long-distance – from Florida to Italy – for another year before I got my visa and was able to move to Italy to join him. Before that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, I transferred my degree program online to prepare for my move to Europe, but I ended up spending six extra months at home – grounded because of slowed processing times.

Finally, in January 2021, I moved to Italy! In May 2021, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in public relations with a concentration in Spanish. Now, Micah and I live in Italy together traveling, learning how to be married young and figuring out who we want to be.

While I take a break from school for the year we are stationed here, I will be learning Italian, volunteering, reading and writing as much as I can – and I am so incredibly happy that you are here to venture on this journey with me.

Thank you for being here!


Tori ❤