My Skills


In many of my internationally focused classes, public speaking and clear, concise writing were some of the most important skills we needed to learn. Because of these experiences, I can confidently give a speech and write ten-page papers in two languages.


As I worked for the UF International Center as its social media intern, I gained confidence in myself and my ability to pitch and bring ideas to fruition. I had the idea to start a podcast, and that idea, and the willingness of my boss to allow me to exercise leadership, helped me realize I can do hard things.

Cultural Competency

After taking more than three semesters of Spanish classes, I am confident in my ability to navigate that cultural context. But, through my other coursework, like international public relations, I know how to begin to navigate cultural contexts with which I am not yet familiar, too.

Problem Solving

One of the best things language classes taught me, besides another language, is how to read between the lines and get the whole context of a situation, even when I can only actually understand a small part of the context. So often we just to do that best we can with the information we have, and I feel like I have a firm grasp on how to problem solve my way into the information I need.


When you believe in yourself, everything is just a little bit easier. While I am often anxious about things going wrong, my international experiences have helped me be more resilient in uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations because I know I can be confident in my abilities. I can just remind myself that I have done hard things before, and I can do them again.


Living abroad in a country I have never been to, with people who speak a language I do not yet speak, has given me so much compassion for people who come to the United States by themselves and adjust to such a different culture and way of life. Because I know how it feels for everything to be confusing, and for every time I leave the house to be draining in its unfamiliarity, I am patient and understanding when I meet people from different countries in the U.S.